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Business Essentials: Investing in Support Services for Growth  

As an entrepreneur builds a company from scratch, their focus is understandably on the main product or service they will sell. But to truly scale upward, smart leaders make investments that strengthen a business behind the scenes too. One area ripe for better backing? Support services – those helpers that keep operations humming so you can concentrate on big picture goals. Commercial cleaning is one such service that no growing firm should overlook. 

How Support Services Lead to Growth Potential  

Successful startups reach an inflection point where workload exceeds current capacity. The founder cannot single-handedly manage all moving parts anymore. Yet hiring full-time managers or assistants strains cash flow in younger enterprises. Support services fill gaps cost-effectively. They supply specialized skills, so you avoid distraction managing non-essential tasks. The time and mental bandwidth this gives allows you to focus on the mission-critical (and revenue-generating) jobs only you as owner can perform. 

Why Cleaning Services Matter More Than You Realize  

Of all support helpers promising outsized organizational impact for reasonable fees, commercial cleaners deliver an incredible ROI. Sure, sparkling floors and dust-free shelves look nicer. But did you know dirty environments actually jeopardize health, and thereby productivity and profits? Harmful bacteria linger on unhygienic surfaces. Stale indoor air transmits illnesses leading to absenteeism. Then there’s mood; poor lighting, stuffy quarters and unsightly mess depress motivation. Happy workers equal better effort and output. Professional commercial cleaning services like those at All Pro Cleaning Systems wield hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA filtered vacuums, and innovative fog sanitizing systems no mere mortals can operate. Deeper cleansing improves safety while lifting spirits (and performance). 

Elements to Evaluate When Hiring Cleaners

Once you have included cleaning services in your budget, you will need to choose the right commercial cleaning company for your evolving enterprise. First, assess experience specifically within your industry plus sophistication of techniques/technology used. Do they tout advanced methods like electrostatic spraying? What about client retention rates? High marks signal reliability. 

Also confirm they have adequate staffing to cover facilities with flexibility meeting variable demand if, say, flu outbreak strikes, or a construction project stirs dust. Make sure insurance policies guard you from liability if someone gets injured onsite. Finally, evaluate cultural fit – do the cleaners share your values around sustainability and ethical practices? Alignment there builds trust that pays dividends through years of partnership supporting your company’s growth journey. 

Developing a Relationship Built to Last

When farming out important work that affects environment/culture, take time to vet providers beyond a cursory price comparison. Goal number one is forging mutual understanding around vision and objectives, so expectations align, preventing future conflict. Clearly communicate what clean office space means in your world, then listen to their process proposals. Check references thoroughly and seek a longer-term agreement once you are confident with the service. 

Treat chosen vendors like trusted members of your wider team, not faceless contractors. Share constructive feedback to strengthen partnership. As business evolves, keep cleaners updated on site additions/changes and volume fluctuations. They will reciprocate, keeping your facilities fabulous even amidst growth spurts. Reward great service by referring other organizations needing their help too. 


Expanding enterprises often spread resources too thin attempting tackling non-essential tasks solo. Break free of this stressful trap by enlisting support services aligning capabilities with organizational gaps that appear while scaling upward. Commercial cleaning is one low-cost, high-impact area ripe for smarter investment. Prioritizing space hygiene, safety and appeal translates directly into happier, healthier and more productive people. And energized people just perform better. Choose cleaning partners wisely and let this small spend category pay giant dividends over time. 

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