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Make Your Career a Promising One at Boom and Bucket

Over the past few years, the industry of construction has expanded exponentially, and this trend will continue to grow. Thus, if you are looking forward to getting employment in this sector, you will get lots of job opportunities, from entry-level positions to high-skilled jobs. The most important thing is you will get access to many benefits like high economic development, job security, and excellent opportunities for career growth, enticing wages, etc. Hence, it does not seem astonishing that job seekers want to get a job in the construction sector.

The career opportunities at Boom and Bucket

Some notable career opportunities at Boom and Bucket are:


Backend Engineer (Brazil)

As a backend engineer, your job will encompass helping execute developing premium-quality and tested features. As you will be a vital part of various important decisions that will be made around the improvement of products, tech stack, and infrastructure, you can consider this job position as one of the best Boom & Bucket career opportunities. You have to work remotely, though you might need to visit off-site occasionally.

Backend Engineer (US)

The job of a backend engineer US is similar to that of a backend engineer in Brazil. You have to be a vital part of every important decision that will be taken around product improvement, infrastructure, features, and tech stack. Your job, too, will be remote, though, at times, you have to visit off-sites.


Heavy Equipment Inspection Specialist (Colorado, Texas, Phoenix, Utah)

You have to be a tech-savvy and detail-oriented inspector who can schedule as well as perform equipment inspections effectively. Heavy equipment inspection specialists should make unbiased inspections and should identify the cosmetic and mechanical issues that buyers confront.

Market Operations Specialist

If you become a market operations specialist, you will be required to work closely with the sales and product teams. This way, you can ensure that buyers have been getting superior experiences with the unique services of Boom and Bucket. Your role will be do-build-grow. You have to interface with the customer base directly and balance driving transactions actively.


Fleet Advisor (Atlanta, Austin, Colorado, North Texas, NorCal, SeaTac, Oklahoma)

As a fleet advisor, you should be a driven sales professional who can assist the future of the market of Boom and Bucket. You need to be aware of the machines besides discussing various things with fleet owners. The most important thing is you should keep an eye on the local construction market and know from where the company is getting the deals.

The following career opportunities are regarded as one of the promising Boom & Bucket career opportunities that countless candidates look forward to.

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