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Records Management in Federal Government Agencies in Sierra Leone

Records Management is the methodical control of all documents from their production or receipt, with their handling, circulation, company, storage as well as access to their utmost personality. Because info is such an important source to company, the documents management feature likewise consists of information management. As a result, records management is also referred to as Records as well as Information Management or Edge (Magnus, 2006).

Records management may likewise be used to define as the means official documents (correspondence documents, info) are organized as though they have a significance, as well as can be used constantly by the individuals such as supervisors, documents experts, educational institutions,.

Significance of Records Management in Government Agencies.

Establishing a records management programme, in federal government agencies for instance, the Meteorological Department may result in both immediate and also long-term relevance to the division. Below are mentioned some of the relevance of records management in the government agencies, public service, business and also organizations all at once:.

– Records management lowers lost or lost records. Because the human aspect is constantly with us, even the most effective system worldwide will sometimes have misplaced documents. However correctly designed document management systems can gradually minimize misfiles. Most often misfiled documents can cost the clerical staff a substantial wastage of time in searching for documents;.

– Records management serve as evidence in the time of disagreement. It is very important for the settlement of dispute due to the fact that it can be revealed as proof in court;.

– It assists in assessing progression of organization. It helps in the preservation of background of the company. The past records reveals direction to organization. It aids in learning the weak points and toughness of organization. Records management gives the account of development and also direction in which company is giving on;.

– Records management is the memory of service. It works for future decision making procedure. The research of past records shows instructions for future. It fills out to organization whenever it is required therefore, it assists in taking decision;.

– Records management assists to examine organization development and also efficiency. It helps in comparison between one amount of time and an additional or in between sometime of companies;.

– Records management assists in management and also control of essential records. It assists to secure needed documents with treatment and gets rid of useless records;.
– To lessen lawsuits dangers. Organization apply records management programs in order to minimize the risks related to litigation as well as potential penalties. This can be similarly real in federal government companies. An uniformity used documents management programme can lower the responsibilities connected with file disposal by providing for their organized, regular disposal in a normal course of organization;.

– It enhances liability. A records management will put in place a system for tracking actions on each record, as a result increasing responsibility and also providing access records; and also.

– To improve working environment. Implementing documents management program improves the workplace through the company of documents and storage offsite. Organized workplace can after that improve the perception of business by clients and also potential employees. New staff members are additionally easily trained to handle the business’s documents when an efficient documents management program is in location (Jackson, 2008).

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