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Run Your Business with More Clarity with Sage Intacct

What is Sage Intacct?

Businesses that require more robust features than a basic accounting program should choose Sage Intacct. Along with revolutionary built-in reporting capabilities and a multi-dimensional ledger, this cloud-based platform with automatic updates also includes tools to automate and expedite your financial procedures.

It may be coupled with several APIs, including Salesforce CRM, giving you a clearer understanding over your finances. Its major focus is contract or subscription management, project accounting, and multi-currency consolidations.

Sage Intacct adjusts to your reporting needs and workflows. Additionally, it integrates effortlessly with other top-tier, sector-specific technologies to provide you with a genuinely customised solution. Financial experts from a wide range of industries rely on Sage Intacct to provide them with the space, knowledge, and clarity they need to support the expansion of their organisations.

Financial Services

Discover how Sage Intacct enables you to combine data from several systems, monitor financials from various portfolios with ease, aggregate performance across many operating firms, and produce timely and useful reports for your board.


Sage Intacct might assist you in concentrating on your visitors. Automate your financial procedures, improve your understanding of the hospitality industry, and take profitable decisions.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Rapid expansion puts pressure on your finance team in software and SaaS firms, resulting in increased accounting complexity, less time to make adjustments, and more reporting needs. Even the most complicated financial procedures may be automated with Sage Intacct, which also adapts to your company and provides reporting that is infinitely customisable.


Service companies frequently handle a lot of different financial obligations. Additionally, they must continually adjust to the demands of the industry and their clients. It’s comforting to know that Sage Intacct is on your side in the face of all this volume, diversity, and change.


Programme and project management, fund balance, and intricate reporting requirements are just a few of the particular issues faced by financial professionals in non-profit organisations. With less reliance on clumsy spreadsheets and more managerial visibility, Sage Intacct can assist you in addressing these problems.


Sage Intacct can assist you in keeping track of performance and maintaining seamless financial operations as your healthcare organisation attempts to grow, especially across numerous sites.

Wholesale distribution

Sage Intacct can be useful whether your main concerns are managing several sites, streamlining purchasing, or optimising inventory. Learn how Sage Intacct automates difficult tasks, conforms to your specific needs, and provides complete transparency into the operation of your distribution company.

Bring your entire business into focus

The visual dashboards and versatile reporting offered by Sage Intacct allow your company top-to-bottom visibility from any angle. In order to determine what to improve or where to invest, you can now see profit-and-loss by business/service, project, manager, region, customer type, or other dimensions and KPIs – all in real time. To enable your project teams to make wise judgements, give them secure access based on user privileges.

Connect effortlessly to other world-class products and services

Software for financial management doesn’t function alone. For increased productivity and a competitive edge, it must integrate with other programmes, databases, and tools. Sage Intacct offers open integration to world-class applications for anything from CRM to project and resource management. With the ability to effortlessly interface with Sage Intacct, you can always choose the software that is best for your company.

The benefits of Sage Intacct

The only business financial solution suggested by the AICPA is Sage Intacct, the best in-breed financial management tool ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction. Perhaps this explains why firms providing professional services, including Tandem HR, Cameo Global, Smith Systems, and others, rely on Sage Intacct to streamline, automate, and speed up their accounting processes and propel their businesses to new heights of success.

Who we are

Itas is a multi-award-winning Sage partner. Having started in 1995 with just one customer, we now support over 200 clients nationwide. They know we are always there to provide a helping hand, whenever they need us. Trusted by our customers for over 20 years, Itas has been built on referrals from customers and IT professionals that love the expert yet personal service that we offer.

If you would like to know more about how Itas can help your business with finance automation, Sage implementation and improve purchasing control, you can get in touch at info@itassolutions.co.uk, call us on +44 (0) 1824 780 000 or contact us via our website at itassolutions.co.uk.

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