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Visa Ventures: Easiest Countries To Get A Schengen Visa

Considering a Schengen vacation? Securing a Schengen visa might seem overwhelming due to the high annual application volume. However, choosing countries with higher visa-issuing rates can greatly enhance your approval chances. Before exploring the list of favourable nations, let’s grasp the essentials of a Schengen visa.

Understanding The Schengen Visa: A Gateway To Passport-Free Travel

The Schengen area, comprising 26 European nations, eliminates passport requirements and border controls for seamless exploration. A Schengen visa allows 90 days of travel within any Schengen nation every six months. Yet, visa liberalities vary across countries.

Boost your chances by securing comprehensive international travel insurance online—a mandatory requirement for visiting Schengen countries. In India, insurance providers offer convenient platforms for purchase.

Top 10 Countries For Effortless Schengen Visas

  1. Greece:

Greece boasts a remarkable approval rate of up to 95% for Schengen visa applications, making it a preferred destination for travellers. The country’s popularity and efficient visa processes contribute to its favourable status.

  1. Estonia:

In 2018, Estonia recorded a high approval rate of 98.4%, positioning it as another Baltic nation where obtaining a visa is relatively straightforward. Estonia’s lower application numbers result in less crowded embassies and smoother processing.

  1. Sweden:

For those inclined towards wintry getaways, Sweden, with a 10.53% rejection rate, presents itself as a favourable option. Bordering Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Sweden offers a lower rejection rate compared to some other European countries.

  1. Iceland:

Iceland presents an appealing option for Schengen visa applicants, with a rejection rate of only 1.7% in 2018. However, candidates should confirm application locations due to the country’s reliance on consulates represented by other nations.

  1. Finland:

Despite handling many visa applications, Finland maintains a low 1.7% rejection rate, providing a hassle-free path for Indian nationals seeking a Schengen visa.

  1. Switzerland:

Known for its scenic beauty and bordering France, Italy, and Germany, Switzerland offers an easy path to obtaining a Schengen visa. With a 0% rejection rate, it is a popular destination for adventurers.

  1. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg emerges as a charming gateway to the Schengen nations, with a low rejection rate of 3.7%. Its proximity to neighbouring countries like Germany and France makes it an ideal starting point for European exploration.

  1. Denmark:

With a mere 8.1% visa rejection rate, Denmark has become a dream destination for cyclists. The Danish embassy provides a relatively straightforward process for obtaining a Schengen visa.

While the Schengen visa application process remains consistent across destinations, the key lies in managing it. Before submitting your application, securing comprehensive Schengen travel insurance is imperative. Beyond financial protection, international travel insurance online may cover unforeseen circumstances and is a mandatory document for visa applications. *

Leading insurance providers offer a seamless platform for purchasing international travel insurance. Beyond financial protection, international travel insurance online may cover flight cancellations and hospitalisation expenses due to accidental injuries abroad. Calculate travel insurance premiums before selecting a plan to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable vacation. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

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